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How to reuse your old Raspberry Pi as a Telegram-controlled Alarm Clock – AlarmPi August 14, 2017

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RaspberryPi Alarm clock

RaspberryPi alarm clock

Hey all,

So do you have a RaspberryPi not doing anything at home? Got that 2GB class 4 SD card that you just don’t know what to do with it? Well this guide is for you! It will let you turn your Pi in to an IOT alarm clock, no code, no complicated commands, just flash, edit two text files and you are good to go. The alarm clock is controlled from Telegram, so you can set it and turn it off from your smartphone. I find that usually using my phone wakes me up. So it’s useful for me. You can also edit the alarm and use any mp3 file you want.
The code is all available in github. AlarmBot is the Telegram Bot. An AlarmPi is the distro (built with CustomPiOS yet again). (more…)

Running Your Android Phone/Tablet on a virtual machine January 5, 2013

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Android VM on Virtualbox

Android VM on Virtualbox

Hey all,

My phone has died, and was sent to repair. And since I have a complete backup of it, as explained in my last post, I thought I might try and emulate it on my laptop.

So in this post I’ll explain how to do just that. And one the side effects is that I can now use whatsapp on my PC!

What you will need

  1. A backup of your phone that was done with Titanium BackupFollow my previous post on how to do that. Note that for Titanium Backup to run you need to root your phone.
  2. A computer that is running virtual box and virtualbox-fuse – I will show how to do this in Linux, but windows and Mac can do this too.
  3. A copy of AndoVM – This is the reason we can do this, since android by default does not come with an Ethernet drivers and AndroVM is compiled and distributed to run on virtualbox out of the  box (pun intended).


Automatic Nightly Backups for Your Android Device to Your Computer November 1, 2012

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Android lifevest

Android backup will keep you safe

Hey all,

Friends keep coming up to me and complaining that they had to wipe all their phone because of some attempt to do something.
However, if you give me a brand-new phone and throw mine out of a high-building window, I won’t stop you, because I have a copy of my phone at home, from that same morning, and I don’t even have to think about it.

Want to feel free again? Not scared that this small thing you carry in your pocket with all your life gets ruined? Well, here is how you do it:

Things you will need

  1. A computer running Linux you can ssh to with Rsync installed, or windows running cygwin with rsync and ssh installed.
  2. Your device needs to be rooted – I am afraid thats a requirement for Titanium backup and all programs that back up app data
  3. Titanium backup – You can use the free version for backing up, but for a single-click restore you will need to pay (I bought it and recommended you do even if its the only thing you ever buy on the play store)
  4. rsync backup for Android – This will back up all your photos and data that isn’t part of your apps, if you don’t root but this is all you want to back up, this post might help you too!
  5. Llama – lets you set location profiles


Brewing Cider December 24, 2009

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My cider (we call it Chateau la Sheffer)

Hey all,

During the semester break, I brewed alcoholic Cider (not to mix with apple juice, which is no-alcoholic). My cider has 7.2% alcohol.

Although some readers might think that making alcohol out of plain apple juice might involve black magic, its actually quite simple. The only thing it really takes is time – about 3 months total to start drinking, but if you wait 5 months, you will get something that tastes much better. Its quite fun, and one can create unique flavors.

IGF Day 4 and last, Privacy – Incident with China – Human network – more Open Standards – Jordan FOSS – and Final statement November 24, 2009

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Hi all,
This is the second day of the IGF 2009 and the 4th and last day of my journey.

There was a lot to write about, and I had little time back in Israel, so it took a while to publish.
I recommend you read my closing statement.
Scroll to the titles that interest you:

IGF 09 Day 2 – Internet Security, Social Networking IPv6 and a Football Match November 15, 2009

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IGF 09 Day 2 – Internet Security, Social Networking IPv6 and a football match

Hi all,

Today was the second day of my visit, tomorrow IGF starts! Nearly all of the day I was in the 4th Symposium of GigaNet – a network of academic people that research Internet governance.

Although I am a technical person, and had to figure the basic relation the following: ICANN, IANA, ISOC, IGP, ccTLD and plenty more. However I’ll leave that to another post, since entire doctorates were written on how these organizations interact with each other (well ccTLD is not an organization, but you get the idea).

I managed to separate three topics I found interesting in particular so find the one you like:


IGF 2009 Day 1 – What is IGF? November 14, 2009

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Hi all,

(I am blogging this time on my OLPC/Nokia N810 so sorry about the typos)

I thought I might update that I arrived a few hours ago to the IGF conference.

Getting there

It took about 13 hours to get here, I have mostly been traveling in a taxi cab today from Taba to Shrem. Apparently there are a lot of security checkpoints because of the conference itself!

What is the Internet Governance Forum? – The ‘G’ in IGF

Since I have little of ICT news to tell I thought I might start with a conversation Dima and I had on the way here, regarding what the IGF means – When we wanted to translate the ‘G’ (for Governance) in IGF to other languages we did not know what exactly it means – Is it the government as in maneging the Internet as a resource? Or standardizing the Internet? or perhaps government as in how to get governments to interact with the Internet? It seems its a a bit of all, yet not clearly one of them nether. When looking at the huge number of workshops (10 in parallel!) this seems to become more apparent: privacy and freedom of expression, net neutrality, technical implementation of the infrastructure and how governments and organizations should treat the Internet, its all there. It seems it will be hard  pick which workshop to go to!


Connecting a programmable chip to a remote Controlled Car September 11, 2009

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Car and the controller breadboard

Car and the breadboard

Hey all,

I have been playing with electronics the last few days, and I thought I might show you the outcome.

I basically took a remote controlled car, and connected it to a 16F84 programmable chip, and now I can control the car using C code.

Although I am using a car in this guide, you should be able to close and open any kind of switch. Anything under 15 volts.

For people who have don’t feel like reading all this (and also for those who do), here is an action-packed video of the outcome:

After you saw that, here is how I did this.

Copyright Lobbyists Might Be Tied Up to Israel’s Internet Censorship law July 18, 2009

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Pirate party symbol

About half a year ago, a law for internet censorship passed the first stage in our parliament, on its way to become in effect. The way it was done is disguising the law as a way to protect against child pornography.

There was quite a lot of opposition and finally at the beginning of this week, the law proposal was dropped. This of course makes quite us happy.

However, this week I stumbled on a Google Talk of Rick Falkvinge, the founder of the Swedish Pirate Party. He said, and I quote (the video skips to the quote):

I’ll give you an anecdote of a copyright  seminar. The Danish head honcho came and said: You know, the politicians don’t understand file sharing. So what we need to do is to filter the internet. But since politicians don’t understand what that means, we should associate it with child pornography. Because politicians understand child pornography.


I am flying to the UN’s ITU Telecom in Bangkok August 23, 2008

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Hi all,

I am happy to announce that I am flying to represent my country in the ITU Telecom conference in Bangkok. I am going to be there between the 30th of August and 6th of September. I am going there as a part of the youth forum, which is a nice way because all expenses are taken care of.

The goal of the ITU is to take care of telecommunication standards and you can read about them in Wikipedia. However I am going to a conference  whose main objective is closing the digital gap in third world countries.