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Connecting a programmable chip to a remote Controlled Car September 11, 2009

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Car and the controller breadboard

Car and the breadboard

Hey all,

I have been playing with electronics the last few days, and I thought I might show you the outcome.

I basically took a remote controlled car, and connected it to a 16F84 programmable chip, and now I can control the car using C code.

Although I am using a car in this guide, you should be able to close and open any kind of switch. Anything under 15 volts.

For people who have don’t feel like reading all this (and also for those who do), here is an action-packed video of the outcome:

After you saw that, here is how I did this.

Interview with me about the OLPC Pilot in Israel September 1, 2009

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Crictor, the “technology news, for technology people” initiative I actually help found, interviewed me about the OLPC pilot in Israel, during the Israeli FOSS convention called August Penguin. Also, in the convention Netzach gave a talk about the pilot we did, and the new program with open source and eeePCs.

There are English subtitles, now, so enjoy.

You can to visit the article’s page in Crictor.

Today is the first day of school, let us hope the laptop program started here succeeds.