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IGF 2009 Day 1 – What is IGF? November 14, 2009

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Hi all,

(I am blogging this time on my OLPC/Nokia N810 so sorry about the typos)

I thought I might update that I arrived a few hours ago to the IGF conference.

Getting there

It took about 13 hours to get here, I have mostly been traveling in a taxi cab today from Taba to Shrem. Apparently there are a lot of security checkpoints because of the conference itself!

What is the Internet Governance Forum? – The ‘G’ in IGF

Since I have little of ICT news to tell I thought I might start with a conversation Dima and I had on the way here, regarding what the IGF means – When we wanted to translate the ‘G’ (for Governance) in IGF to other languages we did not know what exactly it means – Is it the government as in maneging the Internet as a resource? Or standardizing the Internet? or perhaps government as in how to get governments to interact with the Internet? It seems its a a bit of all, yet not clearly one of them nether. When looking at the huge number of workshops (10 in parallel!) this seems to become more apparent: privacy and freedom of expression, net neutrality, technical implementation of the infrastructure and how governments and organizations should treat the Internet, its all there. It seems it will be hard ย pick which workshop to go to!

Moreover, it seems that one of the topics this year is how should the IGF proceed. This is the 4th forum since WSIS has started it, the OGF is composed of stakeholders and it seems there is a need to decide how IGF should continue to develop.

Old Friends and New Friends

It seems that this conference is far more like a continuation of the ITU Youth Forum for me than I expected. We seem to bump in to people that were at ITU Telecom or connected to the ITU in some way. Its really is interesting to meet people that last time I met on the other side of the globe. I have also stared to get acquainted to new people too.

Photos of the Day

I hope to post photos more interesting photos here. Meanwhile I suggest you follow me on twitter for the first sure to get them. meanwhile here are some amusing ones:

Tux in the middle of Sinai

Tux in the middle of Sinai

No Cellphone sign on the way

No Cellphone sign on the way


1. Ruth Sheffer - November 14, 2009

wheeeeee great photos, Dad and i reading together thanx for the updates

2. meorero - November 14, 2009

Great … and so interesting to see that this happens so close – at our neighbor country!

And … it is Sainai which was Israeli between 1967 and the1982.

I have just seen the web site of conference – here:
::: IGF 09, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt :::

They put an amazing presentation.
It’s a little funny – though – that it doesn’t show Sharm e-Sheikh but Cairo and the Pyramids which are quite far from Sharm ๐Ÿ˜‰

3. Yaron Shahrabani - November 14, 2009

Its binguin ya habibi!!

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