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Well I have a feeling this will get outdated, however I’ll try and be general (Last update at 14/8/17):

My name is Guy Sheffer, known as GuySoft on the web. I am part of Free Software community and Maker community. The creator of OctoPi and FullPageOS, which have got hundreds of thousands of downloads as far as I know.

I have a deep interest in physics, programming,  philosophy and much much more.

I am an active member in the open-source community in Israel, and it seems most of my posts in this blog are about this activity.

I am currently the VP R&D and Co-Founder at shapedo.com.

Prior to that,
I helped found a company for technology news named Crictor. I have worked around in programming, specifically in a company named Affordy. And I also have a BsC in physics.

If you wish to contact me, you can e-mail me at: guysoft [at] gmail.com

You can also follow my GitHub user


1. OLPC – the Israeli pilot : ::: Think Macro ::: - September 1, 2009

[…] or less a year ago I had the pleasure of meeting Guy Sheffer, who represented Israel at the ITU Youth Forum in Bangkok.  Guy is a true open source enthusiast […]

2. juan fonseca - February 22, 2019

Hi Guy; I have a specific question about RealTimePi; with general Raspbian I cant detect and react to keyup and keydown events from a usb connected keyboard (at least in python using readchar, pygame, etc) unless I start a graphical session (which is not the case for many headless embedded systems using a RPi); if I install RealTimePi can I overcome this limitation? Thaks in advance, regards, juan

GuySoft - February 23, 2019

Dude, you posted the comment in the “about” page in the blog and not the actual blog post. So I am going to delete it in a week or so.

Also, you should post requests in the githhub issue tracker at http://github.com/guysoft/RealtimePi/issues

3. juan fonseca - February 27, 2019

excuse me: a) you could move the post to the proper location and b) it’s not an issue, it’s a question to know if your system can process real time key events, so it can save the time and effort if it just doesnt, thanks for nothing

GuySoft - February 27, 2019

a) I can’t, wordpress does not support that, please post an issue.
b) You need a key grabbing code, please post an issue about it. and not in my about page, I am deleting this comment. Nor do I appreciate you posting a sarcastic remark “Thanks for nothing” after you are using software I spent time I volunteered so you can have it in the first place.

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