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Copyright Lobbyists Might Be Tied Up to Israel’s Internet Censorship law July 18, 2009

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Pirate party symbol

About half a year ago, a law for internet censorship passed the first stage in our parliament, on its way to become in effect. The way it was done is disguising the law as a way to protect against child pornography.

There was quite a lot of opposition and finally at the beginning of this week, the law proposal was dropped. This of course makes quite us happy.

However, this week I stumbled on a Google Talk of Rick Falkvinge, the founder of the Swedish Pirate Party. He said, and I quote (the video skips to the quote):

I’ll give you an anecdote of a copyright  seminar. The Danish head honcho came and said: You know, the politicians don’t understand file sharing. So what we need to do is to filter the internet. But since politicians don’t understand what that means, we should associate it with child pornography. Because politicians understand child pornography.

This is exactly what was done in Israel

In Israel, the attempt was passing an ISP filter law as a disguising against child pornography. Moreover, making this more suspicious. The proposal for the law came from a religious orthodox party called “Shas”. This suggests that someone from outside was behind this party to propose this law. Someone that was in contact with these copyright people.

One down, Another to go

There is now, a new law that is on its way to be passed. Again it shows that our politicians fail when faced with technology laws. The law is for building a biometric database of fingerprints and faces of all citizens. Although at first it seems a logical step forward, it is a known fact that these databases leak to the net in a blink of an eye (you can already get the ID database of Israel on the net).

Also, it would be easier to replicate a fingerprint than an ID card. All you need is silicon. But this would not just be an ID theft now, its an identity theft,  so easy anyone can do it!

Just an example of implication: If you have a camera in a street, anywhere in the world, you can detect Israeli citizens, and know anything you want about them. Here is a hebrew video of channel 1,  saying the above more or less. For English only readers, here is a video of the law committee throwing out a blogger with a camera (not a viral video fan, but thats all I find).

Its not over yet

Its clear that this week that we have won this round. However the people behind this ISP filter law would not stop here, it seems that its a part of a much bigger picture, and we must stay vigilant.


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