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Twitter hashtag support in non-Latin letters using Greasemonkey July 30, 2010

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Hashtags working in Hebrew

Hashtags working in Hebrew

Hello all,

I have been using twitter quite a lot recently and to users that are using non-Latin tweets, it might have occurred that the hashtags don’t work.

So I took the time to write a greasemonkey script that does the job (for Firefox, Chrome, Webkit and others).

It will add a search link on the word, unfortunately due to a twitter bug, I had to remove the number sign (#) because twitter can’t search with it.

  • The script should work with all non-Latin languages (tested Hebrew, Arabic and Chinese)
  • The script does not work when the “more” button is pressed. If anyone knows how to solve that please contact me. fixed!

I hope this becomes a useful tool for people.

A Script for Greasemonkey Script to bypass Discount’s Bank Validation May 14, 2008

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Use Open Standards
Hey All,

My bank seems to block my Iceweasel (Firefox) browser off their site. So here is a Greasemonkey script I wrote to bypass this problem.

If anyone else has this problem, please use this script.