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Build your own Free SMS to Twitter gateway with open source tools and cheap hardware March 27, 2011

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SMS Twitter Gateway

SMS Twitter Gateway logo

Hey all,

I am releasing here set of instructions and source that will enable anyone to set up a phone number, that if you SMS it, will post your massage on to your own twitter account. This service is called “Twiter SMS Gate”. The service handles multiple users, and should be easily modified to support other services like statusnet (and with a bit more code maybe even other social networks). The SMS hardware required is any cheap cellphone that can work with gammu-smsd (mine is a fake Nokia from India). Twiter SMS Gate also lets users easily register to it with their own cellphone.

I hope that people that like this idea would start hosting more SMS gates, as we create a wide network of those around the world. SMS Twitter Gate-IL , The Israeli Gate, has been running for a few weeks now and even got covered in the local media here.

The source is written in Python, which includes the phone hardware hooks, webserver, twitter client and database access.

Here is the cellphone used to run my server, just to show you how simple it is to do this, no super-expensive hardware required! (server is also my personal Linux-running PC:

Fake Nokia Cellphone acting as a dedicated SMS server

Fake Nokia Cellphone acting as a dedicated SMS server

If you have any kind of difficulty setting this up, please give me feedback, so we can make it as easy as possible.

Cellphones in Israel – No collaboration on infrastructure leads to bad quality of service December 6, 2008

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Cellphones in Israel - No collaboration on infrastructure leads to bad quality of service

In Israel we have no problem when it comes to cellphone reception, even in deserts you will find that the reception is at full gain. However when the access is antiques, quality and reliability of that access the becomes the really important issue.

Part of a jungle of models

It seems that the service models are quite different around the world, and this seems to directly effect the usage pattern in the country. A common problem in Asia is when one has a monopoly, where a single company is in charge of the cellphone service, usually derived by an agreement with the government. This usually creates dis-connectivity in places where there is a low concentration of people, or remote places that are hard to reach.

Israel is different