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TEDxRamallah – My first TED event and visit to Bethlehem April 20, 2011

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Holding the x in TEDxRamallah

Holding the x in TEDx

Hey all,

Last Saturday I was at my first TEDx event at TEDxRamallah, which took place in Bethlehem. As a TED lecture lover this was a fantastic experience for me. Moreover, this is also the first time I classified as a “Jewish” Israeli citizen (As an atheist its somewhat confusing to refer to myself as such). This does put me in an unusual position slightly different from most people there. I will try and summarize my own experience in this special event. I feel its important to for me to relay what I see to both sides that rarely see eye to eye.

I shall summarize the talks that I found interesting to me: (more…)

Interview with me about the OLPC Pilot in Israel September 1, 2009

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Crictor, the “technology news, for technology people” initiative I actually help found, interviewed me about the OLPC pilot in Israel, during the Israeli FOSS convention called August Penguin. Also, in the convention Netzach gave a talk about the pilot we did, and the new program with open source and eeePCs.

There are English subtitles, now, so enjoy.

You can to visit the article’s page in Crictor.

Today is the first day of school, let us hope the laptop program started here succeeds.

Copyright Lobbyists Might Be Tied Up to Israel’s Internet Censorship law July 18, 2009

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Pirate party symbol

About half a year ago, a law for internet censorship passed the first stage in our parliament, on its way to become in effect. The way it was done is disguising the law as a way to protect against child pornography.

There was quite a lot of opposition and finally at the beginning of this week, the law proposal was dropped. This of course makes quite us happy.

However, this week I stumbled on a Google Talk of Rick Falkvinge, the founder of the Swedish Pirate Party. He said, and I quote (the video skips to the quote):

I’ll give you an anecdote of a copyright  seminar. The Danish head honcho came and said: You know, the politicians don’t understand file sharing. So what we need to do is to filter the internet. But since politicians don’t understand what that means, we should associate it with child pornography. Because politicians understand child pornography.


OLPC pilot in Israel – We Need the Community November 30, 2008

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One Laptop per Child

Hey all,

I am happy to tell that in the last few days there were talks between OLPC and the “Ilan Ramon Youth Physics Center” with a goal to start an OLPC pilot in Israel.

The plan

The Ilan Ramon Center already has an ongoing project for mathematical thinking and programing in the Be’er Sheva area (aka the Negev desert), where they mostly help poor families, and also Bedouin. This is a perfect place to help with OLPCs (some Bedouin even live in tents!). There is a lot to do to help. This past week I had to help the people in the Center get a C and Java IDE to work on the green laptop.