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TEDding from the car – gPodder video Plugin for Rockbox April 7, 2011

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TEDing from the car

TEDing from the car

Hey all,
After a few weeks of bouncing emails with Thomas Perl I am happy to announce that we have a working plugin for his wonderful podcast application called gPodder. With this plugin installed, any mp4 video podcast that is downloaded with gPodder is automatically converted to a format playable by rockbox MPEG player plugin. Effectively meaning seamless sync of video podcasts to any rockbox enabled device. I am specifically using the Sansa fuze player, but just changing the screen resolution at the top of the plugin should make it work with any other rockbox device, and with the right screen size. The final product for me of all this technical stuff is that I can listen to TED lectures in the car. Or using the verb was coined by my friend Uzair “TEDding” from my car.

How to Install

  • First you should have gPodder installed (available also as “apt-get install gpodder” or any other distribution install equivalent).
  • Second you will need these packages installed too:
     apt-get install python-kaa-metadata  ffmpeg python-dbus
  • Now all that is left is to copy this script to
    mkdir -p ~/.config/gpodder/hooks/
    cp rockbox_mp4_convert.py ~/.config/gpodder/hooks/
  • If your are using a different player from the Sansa Fuse, modify the first lines to your screen resolution:

    make sure to include the .0 at the end.

  • Thats it! Now each time video is download, for example from the TEDTalks Video Podcast it would be converted on arrival, and relinked as the file to be synced.

As usual, I would love to hear feedback from users and suggestions.


August Penguin’s Videos are available for watching and downloading August 29, 2008

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Use Open Standards

After a long series of editing, the videos from August penguin are avilable to be watched and downloaded. Thanks to all the people that participated in this voluntary project. The files are available in a flash viewer, or to be downloaded in MP4 and OGG formats.

Moreover, during the editing I have developed two tools for the Cinelerra video editor, those are also available for download.

Enjoy Watching

A script to Slice, Encode and Upload videos to Youtube April 17, 2008

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In the past few days, I wrote a script that will take basically any video file, chop it to equal parts under 10 minutes, and upload the result to youtube.

The effect is that I can publish all of my video podcast to youtube, without the long and painful chopping and uploading of files via a browser.

I based the uploading on a perl script from catonmat. I wrote my extension in python.

Here is a link to the sourcecode (under GPL license)

I would love to receive feedback, and improvments.

A message to MAKE magazine February 21, 2008

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Bre Pettis, was the MAKE magazine Podcast maker, the famous DIY magazine.

A few months ago, aired a podcast about making sympathy dolls. I started to make a doll for my girlfriend, when I stumbled on a secret message, that made me do this:

I got in contact with Bre over Jabber (Gtalk) he did like the 555 chip addon, however he also told me that he isn’t working for MAKE anymore ๐Ÿ˜ฆ .

A little disappointing, however, I still have a cool doll….

A Podcast in Second Life December 8, 2007

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Hello all,

I thought I might share a small of report of an event that happened to me in Second Life, and also, I thought i’d use the opportunity to show the podcast world in second life.


PSP Enc – Encoding video for PSP / ipod under linux GUI November 27, 2007

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Hello all,

I am starting to work on the first Israeli video podcast, and we are now trying to figure out what format to publish it under. While pondering about this, I wrote a graphical program that will let you convert Video files for PSP format. And it should also run on iPods (however the screen resolution is specifically for PSP).

PSP Enc picture

The program uses a command I found somewhere (you can see it in the code). The GUI is written in wxpython, which I just started learning not long ago. It is really useful for these small apps.

The requirements to get this working are:

  • python
  • ffmpeg
  • python-wxgtk2.6

To run it just type:
python pspenc.py

You can download the program here