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A Podcast in Second Life December 8, 2007

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Hello all,

I thought I might share a small of report of an event that happened to me in Second Life, and also, I thought i’d use the opportunity to show the podcast world in second life.

Second life is a 3D virtual world created by Linden Labs, in which its residents are the ones who create any object or place they desire, sell then sell them in the world’s currency, which can be then converted ether ways to US dollars. The world quickly became huge and full of places, objects and people. It also became a source of income for some people living in it. The rest of he residents buy virtual homes, dance in virtual parties, play, talk and do more or less what ever you can do in the your first life, and also things that are impossible to do there. Many have started taking Second Live seriously, including IBM, that are making board meetings there, and whose workers already did a virtual strike in the world. Many other large companies are also using the world to see how people respond to new products and designs.

I started touring about this word a few months ago, visiting places from time to time.

A while ago, I stumbled a cross a place completely by accident (near the NASA resort which I visit), called “Science School”, it had a large sign saying “Science Friday“, which the name of a podcast I have been listing to for about a year! On the same day when I got there, the show has just finished and people were just on their way out of the place. But I figured from the ones that were there that in that place the broadcast the show live when it is aired on the radio in Canada.

Today, I decided to go to the place, on Friday, 09:00pm Israel local time, 11:00am Second Life time, and listen to the podcast.

secondlife science friday
Many Listeners

I got to the place a little earlier than the airing time, and met one of the admins of the show, she was just working on a skull that you can see on the left of the image above, it was placed there especially for one of the topics talked about in the show. She wanted me to help her check the permissions of the object. She also gave me an invitation to the Science Friday group.

As the airing time drew closer, more and more avatars flowed in to the site, and sadly, the audio stream of the show was getting too slow, and kept losing connection, it took me about up to the second hour of the show to locate the external broadcasting servers page on the site (not using the main server that was disconnecting). Plus, my weak graphical card was starting to really slow down, having a hard time drawing all the people that were there.

The experience of listening to the podcast live, like many other things, has pro and cons. The podcast has the episodes listed separating the corners, since the show is 2 hours. Some of them don’t interest me, and I felt the absence of the ability to skip ahead to what is relevant to me. However, during all the show, the chat box was going wild, most of it was interesting for a change, but the speed makes it hard to follow. The breaks were pretty short, so there was no time to stop. Still, it was quite a special feeling to see all the people coming to listen to the show, its like going to a classical concert, instead of listening to the music at home – its just not the same.

Here I am in Second Life

Here I am in Second Life (and I don’t look like that)

Also, another change is the ability to interact with the audience, the host can take something that is mentioned in the chat and bring it up to the show. Its a little different than just using a regular chat, or having people call in, after all its more visual.

After those 2 hours (I was pretty tired after that), it seems that the interesting part was just starting. A group of Lindens (the people in Second Life) gathered around and started talking about many subjects, from what was on the show, to even Linux (which I used for getting in to Second Life). After that, I loged off, tired and happy.

A while ago, the Sideshow podcast, had a guest from the Mishakia (gaming in Hebrew) podcast. The guy there said (quite rightly too) that Second Life is becoming the “Petri dish” of the 3D worlds, where many come to test new and strange ideas and models. We will have to wait and see what will become of it.

Hope you enjoyed reading
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