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Live CD that turns any computer to an OLPC October 14, 2008

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The OLPC system, now you can try it.

The OLPC system

Hey all,

After a few days work, I have finished Building a LiveCD that, by booting from it. You would get a full sugar system, no installation required.

Where to get?

Here, in the Sugarlabs Wiki 🙂

For Users

Just download the ISO, burn it, and boot from it. Its that easy.

I recommend you get two computers (or an OLPC if you have one), get them on the same network, and try the chat application, its fun!

You can also open the browser and download more activities from here, with one click.

I know that some things don’t work, I hope to fix that soon.

For Developers

I got this CD running, by packaging sugar-jhbuild in to a Debian package, then building a debian-live cd around it. I hope soon to do another post with the tools, so you can build one yourself.

If you pull the latest git repository, my code should be there, you can follow the instructions I wrote in the sugar-jhbuild wiki here (it should be commited tomorrow).

What Next?

There are two major things I want to do next.

The first one is to script all the creation process, so we should have a working repository that would hold Debian packages of the newest sugar build. Also, it would be nice if anyone could help me get the package buildable in fedora, that is what the OLPC develoepers use, and i want this to be accessible to them as possible.

However this is more maintenance.

What I REALLY would like to get going is the ability of a computer lab, with these livecds working, to be able to communicate to a class that runs on OLPCs. This could be a really kick to this little project, and might take it to the classrooms.

This is what I truly want from this project, kids across the world, communicating, using a common platform.


1. אילן שביט - October 14, 2008

Hi Guy
I downloaded the ISO and invoke it in Vmware. The OLPC OS looks like a toy and it seems inferior to Linux. Am I wrong?

2. guysoft - October 14, 2008

Hey Ilan,
Well, you are. Just to make things clear: it IS Linux.
And in relation to sugar: Its like saying Blackbox is inferior to KDE.
They are built for different goals!

I’d better quote you something:
This is my post as reviewed by Tam Hanna.
The big quotation from Day 5 is for you 🙂

3. אילן שביט - October 14, 2008

The sugar interface is not so sweet for me 🙂 , but I think that with good guidance I’ll used to it…

4. guysoft - October 15, 2008

Well Ilan, the sugar interface was not built for a sysadmin with heavy knowledge of computer science such as yourself. Its designed for children. You should hand it to a child and see how they get on with it.

Actually there is something you might enjoy, try getting two computers on the same network, and get them communicating. Then you see how sugar works. Wireless is also good, because you will see the APs graphically by pressing F1 (go back with F4).

Also, go to the link I gave above, and try to download an activity. They don’t all work, because I need to get all the libraries installed, but you might find a few that do.

You can also have a look at the log viewer tool, if something does not work, you will get there the error logs, and you might figure out what you need to apt-get.

5. Nokia N810 Running OLPC’s Sugar « Guysoft’s Weblog - May 1, 2009

[…] chroot, that got me access to installing sugar without a few good hours of compilation for arm (and I did that […]

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