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New violin makers community August 27, 2018

Posted by GuySoft in music, open source.
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Hey all,
So I was going to post here about a violin I 3D printed and built, and then realised that this is a community waiting to happen. So I created a discourse forum called violinmakers.org. A place for people to share knowledge on how to build electric violin cellos and anything in between.

Electric violins today are usually heavier than their acoustic counterparts, 3D printing and carbon fibre makes it possible to print lighter violins with complex parts. Instead of spending a lot of time carving them in to heavy wood. The need is growing since nearly all music today is amplified.

The challenge is, that while modern instruments have been developing effects and new sounds, acoustic violins have been acoustic for the past 400 years. The years perfected acoustic violins, but this specialisation does not fully translate to electric violins, furthermore it makes it hard to top the rich sound of an acoustic. After all it takes more than a decade of practice to become an “ok” violin luthier.

Recently we achieved the ability to rapid prototype, plus we can learn from other instruments, such as electric guitars. Which have been creating amazing sound modelling techniques. With them I hope we can create new instruments. This is why I created the community.
There is already quite a long list of designs out there, shared in thingiverse mostly, but with little documentation on how to build them, and there is a lack of tests with pickups.

Pickups are am issue

Today, all available violins in the market use a piezo based pickup, this is because piezo pickups sense sound, they are mechanical. They were naturally chosen because they deliver a more acoustic sound, called electro-acoustic. Electric guitars use magnetic pickups, which have a more clear signal from the strings, but loose the acoustic sounds, which is compensated with amps and pedals. I have been playing with those too on violins, it might work. I know it was tested and abandoned around early 2000’s, but things have changed since. There are many more ways to experiment.

I hope that this forum will grow to be a larger community. At the moment I am the only one posting stuff, but I can already see traffic.

Comments, threads and more are welcome, and encouraged in the forum here, because the traffic should go there.

Videos from Jacob’s Ladder Irish Music Festival December 18, 2007

Posted by GuySoft in Hamakor, irish, music.
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Hello all,

This post isn’t related to software for a change. Its about Irish music.

During the weekend, I was in Jacobs Ladder Winter festival. And I took my video camera with me. I really just chucked it somewhere, and placed a microphone in the middle of us, while we played in the main session, managed by Braha Avraham (the general session scheme is that someone starts a tune, and those who know it join in, its all spontaneous!). Also in some parts, Colum Sands, from Ireland joined in. Also Shay Tochner, a well known local musician joined in.

I was surprised how much of it actually came out, so I am uploading it all here as a reference.

Also, I recorded two songs that Colum Sands sang. I am linking them here too (With his permission).

Lastly, I have all of these videos in high quality digital video files. I can make mp3s or better video out of any of them. If anyone wants to do something with them, contact me, I’d love to help.

You can view them from bellow, or go in the youtube playlist i made for them.

I have a good solo in Part 10.