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Pi Imager – community managed fork of rpi-imager March 23, 2022

Posted by GuySoft in open source, programming.
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Pi Imager logo

Hey all,

I have started to maintain a fork of rpi-imager called Pi Imager. The main goal of it is to have a place to host images for anyone who wants their images downloaded and flashed with a single tool. There are already 7 extra distributions you can flash on the unofficial imager and I hope with this post this number will grow.

The changes to the official imager are:

  1. There is an unofficial category that has images you can’t get on the official imager. You can submit a pull request to this repository and add yours.
  2. Everything is automatic. You can fork it, make your own commits, and you have a working build system –
    • Every new commit to pi-imager builds a new build for Windows, Mac and Linux, ready to use
    • When you ask to add a new image and the pull request is accepted, it’s added to the global list automatically
  3. There is a feature to disable username change that can be set on the distribution side. It broke stuff in OctoPi (currently in main branch).
  4. Appimage support for Linux (fixes this issue)
  5. Trademark and colors have been removed as requested by RaspberryPi, it’s purple now!

I want to stress that the fork is here to work with the community and not to split it, you can have both installed. I have been in contact with Raspberry Pi before and after its release. It lets us have something that they can’t provide – an unofficial place that with a single click downloads and flashes community-maintained images, and lots of them.

Code and image contributions are welcome!
Get Pi Imager here


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