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OctoPi version 0.6 – Control your 3D printer securely over the internet August 26, 2013

Posted by GuySoft in diy, Electronics, Hamakor, ITU, linux, open source, programming.
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OctoPi new logo

OctoPi new logo

Hey all,

OctoPi has got a lot of support, and it has been great to see people are adopting it.

I have released a new version of OctoPi, which has the following new features:

  • Support for both Raspberry Pi camera and webcam. Depending on which you plug to the Pi (Thanks to Gina)
  • New version of OctoPrint with ACL support
  • OctoPrint now runs on HTTPS using HAProxy, allowing secure connection to your printer over the internet

Also, we had to change the logo due to it being the Raspberry Pi foundation trademark. Thanks for everyone on the google plus discussion (especially Janina).

Download the image here

Source code and project management is on github here

I will note it was pretty nice get in to this release PiCam support, since I have no camera it required collaboration of both Gina and me, meaning we have a distro now that probably can cope with more hardware than you would have in your average personal configuration.

Also thanks Matvin for the storage, and we also have another mirror lined up in case of a overload, which happened last time.

Enjoy everyone,



1. Tim - September 19, 2013

Something is very wrong with 0.6
My pi with pi cam is now so slow it is impossible to print anything.

GuySoft - September 19, 2013

Hey Tim,
1. Did you Pi cam work at all before 0.6? We only added support in 0.6.
2. What raspberry pi revision do you have?
3. Can you open an issue on github and supply as much info as possible please? Because then we could track this.

2. Zach Fine - November 24, 2013

Is updating the Octopi distribution to run the latest OctoPrint as easy as following the instructions in OctoPrint’s documentation, or are there caveats to that due to modifications that are part of Octopi and need to be reapplied after update?

GuySoft - November 25, 2013

You can update it just as you would OctoPrint. The only thing you should know is that when it says to run ‘python’, then python is located at `/home/pi/oprint/bin/python` .

The exact command is documented in this issue on OctoPi

3. Dan Leach - January 15, 2014

I tried downloading the latest version http://www.gitiverse.com/octopi/2014-01-07-wheezy-octopi-0.8.0.zip and it’s downloading 558 MB, and the archive appears corrupt. The previous zip file works fine for my setup. I wonder if something went wrong with the upload process.

GuySoft - January 15, 2014

Indeed it is. I haven’t finished uploading it yet ๐Ÿ™‚
Check the date

GuySoft - January 16, 2014

Fixed, try downloading now ๐Ÿ™‚
Update: changed the mirror to this location

4. Zheng - March 20, 2014

Hi, people I got a few trouble while using Pi as an AP with DHCP service. The connection fails quite often. Can anyone help?

GuySoft - March 20, 2014

Can you supply more details please. And don’t forget to include what wifi adapter you are using.
Furthermore make sure you are using a GOOD 1A power supply, thats thats the most common error for things randomly failing.

Zheng - March 21, 2014

Thank you very much. I am using EDUP EP-N8508GS. and I have a 2A power supply. The Pi and OctoPi run quite well with Ethernet but not so good with Wifi. The way I set DHCP and AP is from a webpage in Chinese, so sorry I can’t post it to you. If possible, could you post a tested guide in English so that I can do that again?

GuySoft - March 21, 2014

I would try a different wifi card to check. I actually have a EDUP EP-N8508 and I know with some wifi devices it does not connect very well.
Also please post here the Chinese webpage, I can translate it using google translator, and probably the screenshots and commands to run are really what I care about, and they are language-independent

5. Zheng - March 22, 2014

I mainly followed this page: http://laoniangke.com/pi/2013/06/29/pi-wifi-ap.html

Maybe I also followed other pages to get the right drivers.

And what’s the best wifi card for Pi do you think?

GuySoft - March 22, 2014

Hmm, that manual was written for RTL8192CU.
Perhaps someone else could try that, I am in the middle of other things at the moment.

BTW are you planning to use it with Makerthink?

Zheng - March 23, 2014

I have already use it with makerthink but right now mainly using Ethernet rather than wifi. it works.

6. Zheng - March 23, 2014

By the way, would you add an “pause for replacing filament” function in future? It’s quite useful for me because I need to print ultra-size items which need more than 1kg filament.

GuySoft - March 23, 2014

You should ask Gina (foosel). That’s her department. On http://github.com/foosel/OctoPrint

7. lucasgelf - April 7, 2014

How would you control the pi over the internet once installed? Can you upload GCode from the OctoPrint web service? What webcams are compatible and does the Pi manage these webcams for the timelapse? Where are the timelapses stored?

GuySoft - April 7, 2014

1. If your pi is reachable from them internet, then you can control it. Check your DMZ settings in your wrote. More info here
2. Yes
3. All cameras that work on raspberry pi, including the PiCam. There is a list of supported webcam in OctoPrint wiki.
4. Timelapses are stored in your home folder, you can download them from the web interface.

lucasgelf - April 8, 2014

So how do you control it from a different location (i.e octoprint is working and I’m at a restaurant and I want to control the printer from there). Also how do you set up a DMZ? Sorry for all the questions, I’m a beginner and don’t know much about Linux.

GuySoft - April 8, 2014

Please read the previous comment, I gave you a link to more information on how to set up a DMZ. Once you have a DMZ you need to know the IP address of your internet connection, and you can connect from any please on earth with an internet connection.
All this has nothing to do with Linux or the OctoPi. If you are having a hard time understanding the technical instructions I suggest you find someone, a friend, that knows about local computer networks and ask them about it. Anyone that knows how to set up routers and stuff like that should know.

8. Ollie - August 8, 2014

hello Guy, I have my raspberry pi connect to my printer through the usb and the pi is using a wifi dongle. I know you said that they sometimes don’t work, do you mean the server wont open or the server wont connect to the printer? because I can get the server up and running but I can’t connect to my printer! is it to do with the baud rate? if so is this something you change in Marlin or on the pi itself?


GuySoft - August 8, 2014

We fixed the boudrate bug in 0.8.0
Is the tty connection to the printer detected?
What options do you see in the list of connections?

Ollie - August 8, 2014

Hello, thanks for your reply, I have managed to get it working! It was the two auto selections not working so i set them manually and it worked!

9. David - May 14, 2015

Where can I find the passwords used by the OctoPi image so that I can ssh into my server?

10. Bill Waslo - May 18, 2019

Hi Guy,

I donโ€™t know if youโ€™re still working with Octopi anymore. Iโ€™m interested in doing a customization on Octopi (maybe a plug-in?) but unfortunately my programming skills are dated. Iโ€™ve done lots of Windows programming (even โ€˜real-timeโ€™ audio I/O streams, as much as Win lets you do anyway, though in older languages (Delphi)) so could use any direction on this as possible. Tools, etc. to look into.

What I want to do is use two of the Piโ€™s data I/O pins to connect a push button and and LED, so that I can push and hold the button till the LED lights which safely shuts down the Pi so I can unpower it without messing up the SD card. The Octopi is great for not needing a computer at the printer to operate it, but as it is I have to get to a computer to turn the Pi off, not convenient. A hardware way to shut down the Pi would fix that. (Iโ€™m surprised no one else has expresses a need for this!).


GuySoft - May 18, 2019

Hey bill, you can build one using the variant system. Please take a look at the github repo at https://github.com/guysoft/OctoPi

Bill Waslo - May 18, 2019

Thanks for the (very fast!) reply. I got another reply from another github reply, pointing out that this is already supported in the underlying Raspian OS, with addition of one line in a text file! I just implemented it about an hour ago, it appears to be working as intended (though without the indicator, but I can live without that)

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