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3arabi – Arabic chat to English translator December 4, 2010

Posted by GuySoft in Crictor, Hamakor, ITU, open source, programming, python.
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3arabi Logo

3arabi Logo

Hi  all,

As some might have noticed, Arabic speakers on the net use a form of writing called ‘Arabic chat‘ or 3arabi, which involves using Latin characters and Hindu-Arabic numerals to write words in Arabic. I wrote a small service called 3arabi that lets you translate this Arabic chat directly to English.

Apparently there are tools to do transliteration (converting Latin letters back to Arabic), and also translation. But nothing that does them both. That is why I wrote a small script that uses Google’s transliteration service and ‘Google Translate’. This does the job, but is not perfect, however, it does actually help me understand some messages.

The source is also available in GitHub (its in python). If anyone contributes better code I’ll merge it back to the service.

Thanks to Ira Abramov for hosting the service!

Thanks to Rajesh who wrote the transliteration API though after using it I moved to the javascript google tool with his help.

Thanks Muhammad Khatib who wrote Google Translate python API and for releasing it.



Update: Google seem to be blocking the translation service, thinking its spam, if anyone knows how to contact them and asking them to lift that ban would be appreciated.


1. alguffa - December 4, 2010


2. GuySoft - December 5, 2010

English: Sweet
Arabic: حلوة

3. madunix - December 7, 2010

Guy … keep up the great job!

4. Issa Edward Boursheh - February 10, 2011

Microsoft Marren or Yamli.com are more useful. They give you options for each word you type rather than the determine approach of 3arabi.com

GuySoft - February 11, 2011

This is not a transliterate tool, its for translation. Non-Arabic speakers such as myself don’t know which word to pick in Yamili, Microsoft or google’s interactive tools

5. Emma - February 11, 2011

Hi this is not working for me, I just get a list of question marks? Please help, I really need this tool! thank you!

GuySoft - February 11, 2011

there are stupid bugs when you paste something with punctuation marks and double spacing. I should really fix it.

6. Emma - February 11, 2011

Hello, I’m trying it with just one word and I still get question marks. Would be great if you could fix! Thank you.

GuySoft - February 11, 2011

Can you paste that word here so I can test it myself?

7. Emma - February 25, 2011


8. Emma - March 1, 2011

Hello – have you had any luck?

9. Rasheed - March 3, 2011

Hi All,
I try to translate 10000 files from Arabic to English, each file contains about 200 words. I want to write a program that can do that using google translator or other translator. Please help if you know how.

GuySoft - March 5, 2011

Yes, contact me via the about page in this blog.

10. Manuel - May 10, 2011


What about English to Arabic Chat translator? Isn’t any there?

GuySoft - May 10, 2011

That would be a problem, because I don’t know of a library that turns Arabic letters in to Arabic-chat Latin letters (reverse transliteration?). Without that it is not possible to create such a translator.rt

11. nizare - July 8, 2011

salamo alikom ca va

12. alisisa - October 3, 2011

ان. مجنون اليكي can anyone translate??

13. norbert - October 21, 2011

les kida kalam

14. Math - December 11, 2011

This 3arabi translation site sucks! It works maybe every fourth or fifth time I go to use it. The rest of the time it says “403 suspected abuse” wtf?

GuySoft - December 14, 2011

Its seems that the site is being used so much the automatic abuse system by google is blocking it.
The source code of the site is out, you are welcome to re-host it to reduce the strain on the service.

15. rikardoo - February 25, 2012


aniss - August 14, 2013

morning Love and hugs morning

16. Sam - May 7, 2012

would like some to help me understand this arabic sentence in english…. !! لا يمكنك أن تكون رجلاً إن كنت غير قادر على تحريك أنوثة إمرأة

17. enikő - November 8, 2012

én arabis szótárt keresek… ilyen írásmóddal csak chat-ben szoktak kommunikálni !! pl : kayfa halek .. stb !! erre gondoltam..

GuySoft - November 9, 2012

Nem hiszem, hogy van ilyen, mert arab chat szleng

18. fouad48 - February 4, 2013


19. Salonpas - January 25, 2014

How about standard Arabic to Arabic chat?

GuySoft - January 25, 2014

There is no reverse transliteration function that I can use. You are welcome to go write one.

Salonpas - January 25, 2014

Obviously I can’t. I mean, you’re a pro, would you make one?

GuySoft - January 25, 2014

I’m too busy with my startup now. (I should really blog about it). But you might find some community developer that might have time and like to do it.

Salonpas - January 25, 2014

I’d love to contact them if you tell me which ones. And hey, good luck with the startup!

20. Michelle - June 22, 2015

Can someone tell me what this means?

Eh bjib Michelle w mnil3ab ghommayda -waynoo [last name] waynoo [last name], ta7t el sawfa Ana hawn…

response to that is “Wilk ya Tony 7ej tekol, as7abak badon jasadak layla2to 7arim.. Ya Michelle, Trekeeni mabsout!”

21. VIP - November 12, 2016

Any way to add a reverse translate from English to Arabic chat. That would be amazing (and probably hard I imagine).

GuySoft - November 12, 2016

It would be easier. But I have no time

22. Maya - July 31, 2017

Hi. Can u please translate this and also tell me where could I find a translator for this?
I’ve looked EVERYWHERE 😦
Ty for your help.

Ghodwa nchaalah rabi m3ak w yfar7ek w tkoun a5er jalsa w to5rej , kalamtha lo5ra bech thez el letters lel mouham i w hani bech nkalmou ntaba3 m3ah w nchalah la 3at ywarik ghyar w yehdik w teb3ed men hal blasa mafihach 5ir , wemchi el city o5ra. Mama ted3ilek kol youm wena zeda. Kalamha met7ayra 3lik

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