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Qutecom Portable – a sip phone for your USB Flash Drive April 18, 2010

Posted by GuySoft in Crictor, Hamakor, ITU, open source, programming.
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QuteCom PortableHey all,

I came across the need for a portable VOIP phone for windows, apparently there is no package out there for this.

So I repackaged QuteCom, a cross-platform softphone. Just adding a simple parameter did the job!

You can download the package here.

Extract it and simply run the “runme.bat” file in the folder.

The package is kindly hosted for me on Hamakor FOSS Society. There is also a wiki page with additional information about Qutecom portable there.

Cheaper Than SkypeOut!

Thanks to this package I can now call anywhere on my VOIP accounts. Where usually only skype was available, meaning I have a cheaper-than-skype providers ๐Ÿ™‚ (Curently using voipvoip.com and callcentric). I really think standard VOIP should be more out there among the people giving a healthy competition.

Would love to hear feedback!


1. The Doctor - June 6, 2010


What settings are you using for QuteCom? I’m having a difficult time getting Callcentric’s “Generic/Other Device configuration” instuctions to take in QuteCom 2.2 reg-2010019235002.


GuySoft - June 6, 2010

Make sure your login name is you phone number (NOT your user name).
Password as normal.
The sip server is callcentric.com on port 5060.

Does that help?

Alvin Martin - July 9, 2010

I don’t know if this post helped Doc or not. Maybe I could get a little more help…

Account name: 17771234567
Login / username: 17771234567
Password: ******* (Your SIP password is the same password you create when you sign up for you Callcentric)
SIP Domain / Realm: callcentric.com
Displayname: Some Body
>Advanced (yes or on)

This does not work for me… I did buy a call in number, and some call out minutes. but thats all.

Please let me know what I should try?



2. Alvin Martin - July 9, 2010

here is my last message from callcentric:

” we are seeing REGISTER packets coming from you and we are responding with the standard 407 Proxy Authentication Required message, however it seems as though you are not receiving this packet since you aren’t responding with the proper REGISTER with full credentials.”

What could it be?

GuySoft - July 9, 2010

In the comment where you posted your configuration, you did not include whats under “Advanced”. make sure you set your proxy! It should point to the same place the server is pointing to.
Also, make sure Activate presence and chart (SIP/SIMPLE) is off!
Here, compare it to this:
How to configure qutecom for callcentric

3. Alvin Martin - July 9, 2010

everything is as you have it here… and I get a connection error

4. Alvin Martin - July 13, 2010

I don’t know why this works for you and not for me. Please let me know if you think of something… I tried to make a post at the dev list, but I can not get past the list moderator? Maybe one day PortableApps will release it.


5. harry - November 13, 2010

How do I get to that Connexion screen, shown above, from within the program ? It came up when first ran QuteCom, but I haven’t been able to find it inside. How do I define a new SIP ACcount ?

GuySoft - November 20, 2010

Menu-> Log off

Then you get the login window, that has a button “Create new profile”

6. Jacelyn - January 4, 2011

Hi all,

I’m student and i’m currently doing project on Qutecom. Can anyone please guide me on how to start a conversation using qutecom. Thank in advance.


GuySoft - January 4, 2011

If I may ask – what project?
Here, this is not in English, but it should help you get the idea.

Jacelyn - January 5, 2011

Thanks for replying,

it’s about using softphone to send text messages and data transfers, video calls and voice calls.

GuySoft - January 12, 2011

I assume anything with qutecom would touch on this. Could you be more specific? Is it academic?

weixi - December 27, 2012

Hello, I am also doing project on Qutecom, Did you solve the problem? Can you provide me the solution how to using qutecom. Thanks a lot!

GuySoft - December 27, 2012

Please describe what you are trying to to. The stuff described above should work, assuming I understand what you are talking about

Alvin - December 27, 2012

You can now get this program at portableapps.com, To use it you must first understand SIP providers….

GuySoft - December 30, 2012

Cool, thanks for sharing!
I wanted at the time to add it there at the time, but they wanted a list of requirements for the package structure that I didn’t have the time to implement.

Alvin - January 2, 2013

Quote,”Cool, thanks for sharing!
I wanted at the time to add it there at the time, but they wanted a list of requirements for the package structure that I didnโ€™t have the time to implement.” ~ GuySoft

I now use Phoner mostly because I like the address book, It is easy to get running portable… An address book with folders and sub folders is a deal maker for me.



weixi - December 28, 2012

Thanks for replying.
I had installed Qutecom on ubuntu and also created a SIP account. However, I entered the SIP account, after a while , it shows “connection error”.

GuySoft - December 30, 2012

Can you write down, or take a screenshot of your current configuration window? It sounds like something was configured incorrectly

GuySoft - January 4, 2013

The links you posted are broken, you can’t share email attachments

7. dave - June 15, 2011

Is there a configuration guide to using Qutecom with a windows live profile?

8. Tommy - January 10, 2013

I’m having a problem connecting.
My login credentials are correct, but when I click connect I’m always
getting “Connection Error” like shown in the screenshot above.
I’m on Windows 8 Pro x64 and I’m connected to the internet with a 3G dialup connection, no LAN or Router are used.
I think that some configuration settings of the QuteCom application need to be changed, but I’m not sure where and what to change.
Any help would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

9. juan carlos sanchez - October 28, 2018

someone know where i found the source code by the application thanks in avance

GuySoft - October 28, 2018

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