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I am going to the Internet Governance Forum in Egypt on Friday November 11, 2009

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Internet Governance ForumHi all,

I thought I might update that I am going to the  IGF (Internet Governance Forum) conference in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt from this Friday till Monday. I am going in hope to meet new people and hear the talks. I see this visit as a continuation of my visit to ITU TELECOM Asia 2008 in Thailand last year (which was a lot of fun).

With me are coming from Israel Dimity Epstein (who introduced me to the ITU) and the Head of Israeli ISOC (The Internet Society) Rimon Levi.

For more information on the conference you can see the IGF conference website and the programme.

I hope I would find time to update during the conference. I would try and twitter too. I am right in the middle of my second year in physics studies, so I will have little time when I get back.

Hope to update soon


1. Patrick Beggan - November 12, 2009

Hey Guy,

great to hear that. I’m sure we would all be very interested to hear about developments there. I had a quick look at the different Sessions taking place, some very interesting topics there. Wish I could be there. I am in no doubt you will do a brilliant job. Most of all I hope you enjoy it.



2. yudha - November 13, 2009

good luck dude

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