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OLPC pilot in Israel – We Need the Community November 30, 2008

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One Laptop per Child

Hey all,

I am happy to tell that in the last few days there were talks between OLPC and the “Ilan Ramon Youth Physics Center” with a goal to start an OLPC pilot in Israel.

The plan

The Ilan Ramon Center already has an ongoing project for mathematical thinking and programing in the Be’er Sheva area (aka the Negev desert), where they mostly help poor families, and also Bedouin. This is a perfect place to help with OLPCs (some Bedouin even live in tents!). There is a lot to do to help. This past week I had to help the people in the Center get a C and Java IDE to work on the green laptop.


At the moment we need to adapt the laptops to suit the needs of the Ilan Ramon Center project. This means translating Sugar to Hebrew, here we really could use help from the community. We also need to make the preparations so the laptops won’t get stuck at customs. Also we need to prepare a software image to load in to the laptops once they get here.

Also (sadly) we wont be able to print Hebrew keyboards (OLPC works by the ten of thousands, ‘ too much). So we would have to figure out a way with stickers, and design a layout for the small keyboard.

We Need Translators!

At the moment we have about 3000 strings to translate for the graphical interface. I’ll be glad to recruit any volunteer that can translate and help our Israeli OLPC project, and OLPC as a whole.

Also, I’d like to get anyone that wants to help in the loop and update you about what’s going on, whether  it’s code, or anything else you might want to do.

There were a few people before that contributed code from Israel, but i am not sure who they were (who on earth translated scracth?!).

(You can contact me at guysoft _at_ gmail.com)

I hope to update whenever I can, the university takes up all my time now.


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