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Day Six – Climate Crisis Forum, The main Exhibition and 3 Parties October 12, 2008

Posted by GuySoft in Hamakor, ITU.

I unfortunately lost my notes list so I don’t have all the quotes for today.
Here is the day:

World climate change and natural disaster forum

From what I saw in the lecture there were a lot of statistics about the climate, the one that stood out for me was the correlation between the distribution of the world population, the number of natural disasters. And as we know, highly populated areas are in most cases poor, with no emergency communication systems. This I guess was the main point that was made during the panel – the most important thing during those disasters is communication. Once I understood that it seemed a little repetitive, but I was a little subjective, I slept 2 hours the night before, and I saw I was about to fall asleep, so I quickly left and went to the main exhibition (at lunch I actually sat next to the lecturer I confessed about that and she actually said she noticed, it was a little embarrassing).

A trip in the main exhibition

The walk along the flashing lights and people to talk to has defiantly has woken me up. On the way I also bumped in to Rotem, Davor from Australia and Vidya from Singapore. We explored the exhibition that was full of gadgets, people in mascot suits, places for Thai massage and much more. I have a video of a conversation we had with a robot there that I hope to upload soon.

Talks on the declaration

In continuation of yesterday’s talks, we sat writing the youth’s devlaration that would be given at the end of the forum. I seemed to have ended up constantly in the opposing side. I guess I was just more radical in my thoughts than the rest (that’s strange for me). It does not mean that opposed the ideas of the people there, on the on the contrary. However I just felt that the declaration of that nature would not ever create any outcome (it was like a beauty queen saying she is for world peace). In my eyes if there isn’t any value or new input then its not part of the real world. Apart from that I was trying to bring the censorship problem to the table, while most of the members were focusing about connecting remote areas. Eventually I reached an agreement with the our representatives that in the declaration the words “freedom of expression” would be put in (it is the second sentence apparently). It seamed anything else would have been too radical in an organization like the UN. I know what we wrote won’t assist me in Israel, or any other country I talked to. But my talks with other youth forum members from countries with censorship helped me build a wider picture of what’s going on, and I hope to bring that to the right places back in Israel.

3 parties in one night + peace talks

Afterwards, we returned to the hotel, we were asked again to wear our formal attire. Dima who is the Israeli Alumnus came with shorts and sandals (He was tired of all the formalities). He tried to convince the Thai that it is the Israeli traditional clothing, they didn’t seem to believe us. When we arrived there was a farewell party. During the party I was called with about another four I think. It happened to be that all of us had birthdays that month, so they got us cakes and we all sung “happy birthday”.

Later that night everyone started dancing. Meanwhile we planned to go out with the Jordanians, Lebanese and the Australian to a club. In the end we drove to two. The first was pretty nice, but was closed after an hour since we got there. From first we went to another via a pretty crazy Tuk-Tuk ride (I went on them before, they seemed a little more playful this time).

When we reached the second club I met two people form the Netherlands and asked one of them how is it inside? He replied “well its a little dirty”. So I asked “dirty unclean or dirty the other one?”, to which he replied “the other one”. And so, all nationalities were a slightly shocked from the place. Davor was still recovering from the ride there (someone kept telling him that the Tuk-Tuk’s fall over).

Suddenly in all of this mess of a club sparked up a (positive) political talk with our neighboring countries. I am afraid I can’t give away all the content of the conversation but I would like to add that peace is closer than it seems, its on the tip of our tongue. I just advise to anyone to keep the right frame of mind, what ever happens.

Of course my second piece of advise: move all peace talks to the “other kind of dirty” clubs. It is much more effective than the UN framework.

Pictures of the day

Sadly I can’t post the pictures I wanted today, and they are going under regulation. Both from political and social reasons (its funny to have pictures with she-males). So here are other photos:

Everyone is dancing

Everyone is dancing

Birthday celebration

Birthday celebration

Dima Rotem and Davor in a tuk-tuk (taken from our tuk-tuk)

Dima Rotem and Davor in a tuk-tuk (taken from our tuk-tuk)


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