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How to get Cinelerra to input Hebrew captions and other tricks August 9, 2008

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Hey all,

This weekend I am once again editing the video of the lectures we took at August Penguin, the Israeli open source community yearly meeting. This year it was kinda hard because there were two lectures being given simultaneous, so there are about 8 hours of video to edit.

Like last time, I am editing the videos with Cinelerra, the open source video editor. Last year I also wrote a post in Hebrew while editing the video, and I was hoping to keep the tradition. Also, this year, I have a little code surprise :-).

The first thing I came across this year, was an annoying bug that made it impossible to click anything in the program. Apparently this is a new popular bug that is mostly appearing because distributions are compiling XDR support in to libx11, that will be needed in compiz soon. Luckerly downgrading from libx11-6 1.1.4-2 to 1.0.3-7 in Debian solved the problem for me.

Now Comes the surprise,

The second thing that I came across is that the title effect in Cinelerra, that lets you add caption on the screen. However, it does not seem to work with Hebrew. It displays Left-To-Right and in the wrong encoding.

I tried to fix the problem myself in the code, but its way byond me. So I did the next best thing, I wrote a small tool that lets you paste Hebrew text in, and it will translate it to the gibrish Cinelerra can understand. I also filed a bug report.

You can see how it looks here:

The small tool I wrote can be downloaded from here as a .deb package for Debian, but it should also work on Ubuntu.

Also, here is a screenshot of the interface:

I hope it helps other editors out there.

Till then happy-free editing.


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